Real Estate enquiries

Why glamaCo?

A glamaCo store will benefit your location by attracting many 1000’s of loyal beauty-focused, tech-savvy, and trendsetting customers. A base of trade customers require convenience and accessibility and often shop in store multiple times a week benefiting surrounding businesses.

glamaCo ranges 6,000+ items in each outlet and many more through its website which acts in an “endless aisle” configuration.

Our focus is on real estate purchase in South East Queensland, Australia, as such glamaCo is not pursuing leasing arrangements at this time.

glamaCo is a destination store which requires easy access, in convenient, high exposure locations, as such the basic site requirements are:

  • Minimum 1000m2 land size,
  • Maximum 3500m2 land size, 
  • With or without building. 

If you feel your property is a suitable fit, we would love to hear from you. Please complete this form (It shouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes) and we will be able to respond to your submission quickly.