Wow, I can see if a item is in stock or not at each store. What do the different statuses really mean?

Under the "Shop Instore Today" tab, you will see the following status depending on the availability at each store of the applicable item. This is what each status means:
  • In Stock: There is stock of this item available at the indicated store. Based on recent sales there is 7 or more days of stock available.
  • Low Stock: Be quick! Based on recent sales there is low stock of this item available at the indicated store.
  • Oversold: We have temporarily oversold this item at the indicated store; we expect this item will likely return to stock within the next 7-21 days providing that the item remains available from the supplier. Alternatively, you can purchase online at glama.Co. If unavailable online, click "Notify me when back in stock" above to receive an email when the item returns to stock online.
  • Not Stocked: At this time, the item is not stocked at the indicated store. You can purchase online at glama.Co or your nearest alternative glamaCo store that is in stock.
Please note, store stock is shown as per the time and date displayed under each store in the "Shop Instore Today" tab.
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