glamaCo Trade and Retail Card conditions

glamaCo cards remain the property of glamaCo. 

Please present this card in store prior to payment to ensure the membership is active for the transaction. 

Only one glamaCo card can be issued per member and is not transferable to any other party. 

The card is not a credit card, charge card or gift card and cannot be used to accrue or redeem points.

You must have a valid and unique email address and mobile to activate any glamaCo card. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

A valid glamaCo card must be presented by the member, whose card number matches the member number, for all but not limited to, transactions, transaction enquires, information requests, update requests, promotional purchases or trade transactions. If this is not the case glamaCo reserves the right to retain the card and cancel membership.

Please fill out this form to notify glamaCo if the card is lost, stolen, damaged, misplaced or your details require updating.

If requested by glamaCo, members are required to verify their identity by providing photo identification.

If found, please post to glamaCo Australia Pty Ltd, 307 Dawson Parade, Arana Hills, QLD, 4054.

glamaCo will not be held responsible for any authorised or unauthorised use.