What is a glamaCo Trade Card?

glamaCo Trade Card is your key to receiving trade pricing, quantity break deals, special trade offers, exclusive new release item updates as well as ongoing training schedules.

This is done by email, SMS alerts or distribution of glamaCo trade catalogues to your designated address.

In addition to this, we would like to offer you the services of our glamaCo Sales & Technical Representatives, who can provide specialist advice such as in-depth item knowledge and training as well as to communicate any special offers that glamaCo may have available.

The glamaCo Trade Card is absolutely free of charge, there are no contracts in place and should you wish to no longer receive correspondence from glamaCo, you can OPT OUT by return confirmation to glamaCo via SMS or email or by returning your Trade Card to any glamaCo Beauty Trade Superstore.

In addition to this you have supplied evidence of trade qualification in the presence of a glamaCo staff member.

You fully understand the potential risks and side effects associated with professional item.

Professional use only items such as bleach, peroxide, colourants and wax items are to be used by qualified beauty professionals only.

All items are to be used in accordance to the items/manufacturers guidelines.

No responsibility will be accepted for misuse, incorrect selection or recommendation of items by glamaCo staff.

Should adverse effects happen to yourself, you acknowledge that glamaCo and its staff are not liable for any restoration and/or maintenance of the result of your chosen item.