Can you provide tax invoices, statement or reprint receipts for all purchases?

glamaCo does not provide a service to produce tax invoices, statements or reprint duplicate receipts at a later date after initial purchase, either at end of financial year or at any other time for instore or online purchases.

glamaCo provides a thermal receipt at time of purchase for all transactions instore, and recommends all customers retain receipts in the event that later reference is required, either by photocopying or taking a photo (particularly for any electrical items for warranty purposes). This receipt format is compliant with Australian requirement.

For online purchases, a snapshot history of the most recent purchase transactions unique to the sign in used can be viewed in your account page under “My Orders”.

Please note that this does not constitute a valid receipt or statement and is simply a website feature, furthermore the purchase history may be subject to removal if a sign in has not recently occurred, or the website is updated.